Hello there, my name is Luiz Gustavo Battiston d’Avila Klas, wow, It’s a huge name I know so people normally know me as Gus Batts. I’m an artist, who loves to design characters and create.

I’m Brazilian, but as I was tired of the warm temperatures and palm trees I decided to move to Winnipeg, Canada to finally understand the meaning of cold.

I’ve been freelancing for a while and some of my clients for those long years were Warner (Brazil), Disney (Brazil), some character design here and there, more than 50 books illustrated and card game designs for the USA market. I’m very confortable to bring ideas to life and this is what I have fun doing.

How many people do you know who left their own company and a confortable life just to pursue their dream? Not that much? This is the kind of person that I am, art is my life and this has been guiding my life so far, I love what I do, but mainly I do what I love, you can’t ask for more than this right?

If you have a dream, artistically speaking, I can make it come true, from background designs to illustrations, to character design to storyboards, all the creative process of an art studio is where I could help you.