Game Level Design

Game level, design, model, UV and textures created by me.

Tank Project

This model design was provided by our instructor, so I retopologized it in a low-poli version, created the UV sheet and texturized the final model on Photoshop.

Tank Test
by gusbatts
on Sketchfab

Matte Painting

For this assignment our instructors provided us high-resolution pictures of random backgrounds, after choose the one that worked best for your project we separated the picture in different layers, and also designed our 3D building to mach with that scene, finally we assembled the Photoshop + 3D files to create the camera animation for my final shot.


The first step of this animation was actually shoot myself with 2 different camera angles, to get a really good reference video for our 3D project. After this using our video as a base for our character animation I started adding keyframes for the main poses, to later create the in-between movements, and finally fixed the timing using the graph editor. The model and rigging for this character were provided by our instructor.

3D + Illustration

Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 2.14.11 AM

This piece was actually not college related, but I decided to build this 3D model, just using basic shapes to understand the volume of this robot, who was also designed by me.


The second step was to bring the 3D model shape to Photoshop, with a regular jpg file I recreated its design following my Maya file as reference, reproducing in a high-fidelity way the volume, highlights and shadows of the piece. Creating a different way to produce my illustration from 3D to 2D.

Mad Max vehicle design

final 3d

For this project, I first started designing basic shapes (silhouettes) on Photoshop to understand what kind of vehicle I should design, following the main theme of the assignment that was Mad Max. Once that I found a design that I liked, I recreated this 2D concept on Maya, transforming it in a 3D object, then for the final part of the process I rendered the vehicle and put the texture in photoshop.